Batuu Docking Bay

With a familiar looking space craft docked there.


Moon 20191201


Millennium Falcon Spaceport Planet Batuu

Found the Millennium Falcon at the spaceport on Batuu. Took it for a little spin first as engineer then as right pilot. She still will make hyperspace if you pull the right lever.


Landed Planet Batuu

Interesting place this Batuu. Watch out for First Order goons. Other than that much bigger planet than I expected.


How Cool Is This

Found a really cool home automation solution that I was able to pick up from Amazon Prime for a really good price. I ordered the Sengled Starter Kit and a couple of smart wifi plugs. In about 30 minutes most of which was getting one more device, the Sengled Hub, next to the wifi router that my iPad works off of all plugged in. Best use is to have a ethernet cable to connect the hub to your WiFi router and a power outlet for the hub. The starter kit comes with the hub plus two wifi led bulbs. Loaded up the Sengled app on the iPad and the rest of the setup was very efficient and painless.

I how have the light in the living room on one of the smart plugs and programmed to come on each evening and off at bedtime. The system really works well and I had no problems connecting any of the devices and setting up locations and programs. If you are thinking about automating your home this is a well thought out solution at a good price. Highly Recommended.


Amazon: Sengled Starter Kit

Sengled Smart Plug

Thanks to Danny Winget for the initial look at the products


Minimalist Flying

Back in the early days of flight the AutoGyro was a thing. I haven’t seen many lately but this cute green two seater has been flying around the airport next to the golf course lately.


Moon Venus Storm

Trying to get a shot of the Moon an Venus last night. Bit of a thunder cloud decided it wanted to get in on the act. Shortly afterwards both the Moon and Venus were eaten by the cloud.


360 Out Back

Got the 360 degree camera for my Essential phone



N91VT Velocity V-Twin

Mystery solved. Aircraft (N91VT) is a home built twin engined aircraft